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Partnering to advance education

With its continued support for initiatives that encourage an active interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), ExxonMobil is committed to the professional development of highly qualified teachers.

In 2012, ExxonMobil Qatar partnered with the National Center for Educator Development at Qatar University and the Supreme Education Council to pilot a program to help enhance teaching skills and motivate students to pursue careers in math and science. Now in its third year, the Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy is a week-long training program aimed at enhancing teachers’ understanding of math and science content, facilitating student learning through problem solving and inquiry, and equipping teachers with interactive learning tools to support differentiated instruction.

Qatar teachers academy

This training is conducted by education experts, who engage teachers in fun and meaningful activities in a classroom-style setting to guide them on how to adopt more creative and active teaching techniques in their own classrooms. Educators are selected based on their qualifications and commitment to teaching. We also invite math and science specialists to participate in the training, providing them insight into the academy and its mission.

In 2014, 40 teachers from 40 different schools participated in the program and since its inception, more than 120 teachers have taken part in the program, enhancing math and science education for fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at more than 85 schools. The Academy, modeled after the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy in the United States, has become a flagship community program in Qatar and received positive recognition from senior levels of government.

“Qatar has a responsibility to invest in the education needed to help develop people and communities, and foster the intellectual capacity required to address society’s future challenges. With our partner, ExxonMobil Qatar, we will continue to work together on projects such as the Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy to enhance educational excellence in science and mathematics, so that Qatar’s students can excel in leadership roles in Qatari society and the global workforce.”

Dr. Sheikha Abdulla Al-Misnad, president, Qatar University

In 2014, ExxonMobil Qatar formed a partnership with Teach for Qatar (TFQ), a local NGO working to provide Qatari students with exceptional teachers. TFQ provides graduates and young professionals who wish to give back to Qatar an opportunity to inspire students through a two-year teaching placement. Currently, teaching is not considered a top career choice in Qatar, meaning many of the highest-performing graduates do not pursue jobs in education.

Through this partnership, ExxonMobil Qatar is providing global expertise and best practices in training and support for talent acquisition and recruitment, in addition to assistance in organizing summer institutes and sponsoring fellows. This partnership between ExxonMobil and TFQ demonstrates the commitment of both parties to close the education gap in Qatar by contributing to the development of the independent school system.

“At ExxonMobil, we have a vested interest in education, and especially in teachers. The quality of an education system is directly dependent on the quality of its teachers, which means we need to attract, train, retain and properly support educators as the valued professionals they are. We aim to give teachers the skills and confidence they need to encourage their students to be more active learners and ultimately more excited about important subjects such as math and science.”

Alistair Routledge, president and general manager, ExxonMobil Qatar

These initiatives support the objectives outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030, particularly with regards to its human development pillar, which seeks to empower the people of Qatar so they can sustain a prosperous society. ExxonMobil believes human capacity is the cornerstone to building a successful future for any nation and supports education to create the leaders of the future and support Qatar in becoming a knowledge-based economy.