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The Science Factory

The children of today will be the problem solvers of the future.

To promote curiosity in technology and natural science at an early age, ExxonMobil sponsors the Science Factory in Sandnes, Norway. The Factory is an interactive and experimental learning center that illustrates the connection between technology, science and art to children of all ages. The center hosts approximately 180,000 visitors each year and features exhibits where visitors can test their skills. In 2013, ExxonMobil presented a new Laser Foosball Game to the factory. The game provides children and teenagers a better understanding of how light travels through prisms. In 2014, the game won gold at the Norwegian Championships in Visual Communication for its ability to stimulate curiosity and create an interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects.

The Laser Foosball Game is a result of years of collaboration between ExxonMobil and the Science Factory. Our common goal is to inspire children and teenagers with math and science installations through participation and exploration. The game is an important and unique contribution, which will create enthusiasm for many years to come.

Kristin Kverneland, Exhibition Manager at the Science Factory

Students test the new Laser Foosball Game at the Science Factory in Sandnes, Norway
Photo — Students test the new Laser Foosball Game at the Science Factory in Sandnes.