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Geology and geoscience education

ExxonMobil has a long-standing commitment to supporting education – especially in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

To cultivate greater student interest in geology and geoscience in Norway, ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS (ENAS) has partnered with the St. Olav Upper Secondary School in Stavanger since 2008. The school is one of the few in Norway to offer a geology and geoscience curriculum to interested students. ExxonMobil employee volunteers visit classrooms to mentor students and share seismic data, well logs and core data. These two-day interactive events are intended to inspire students to pursue science degrees in a wide variety of fields. ENAS also funds a weeklong field trip for each student. Many of the 250 students participating over the course of the program have decided to pursue geology or other petroleum-related fields at the university level. For example, 12 of the 23 students in the 2011 class continued studies in geology at the university level, while the other 11 continued with studies in other STEM-related subjects. Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has recognized the program as a “best practice” example of cooperation between schools and industry.

ExxonMobil geoscients speaks to students in Norway
Photo — An ExxonMobil geoscientist speaking with students in Stavanger, Norway

Norway secondary school students learn geology and geoscience interactively
Photo — Students at St. Olav Upper Secondary School learn about geology and geoscience in an interactive manner