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Providing storm relief assistance

In the aftermath of a devastating rain storm, charitable organizations make the most of ExxonMobil's donation.

ExxonMobil Argentina joined the relief effort after severe storms dumped approximately one year’s worth of rain in just six days in April 2014, causing thousands of evacuations and widespread damage. Neuquén was one of the worst-hit provinces. ExxonMobil donated 100,000 Argentine pesos (approximately $12,500) in charitable grants, as well as protective boots and gloves to civil defense and other emergency responders.

In the aftermath of the storm, the largest to hit the region since 1975, one of the greatest needs was to replace soggy bedding. Roberto Chavez, the priest who leads the local charitable organization Cáritas Rincón de los Sauces, could have simply purchased new bedding with ExxonMobil’s contribution. Instead, Chavez recommended a different approach: using a portion of ExxonMobil’s funding to purchase the materials needed to produce new comforters, and women in the town worked together to sew them. They produced 100 comforters with the donated material for the impacted families.

“I believe this was a significant activity that helped to meet not only the basic need, but also encouraged the community to act as a team in an emergency situation,” Verónica Rivero of ExxonMobil Argentina Public & Government Affairs said. “Chavez did a great job in managing the contribution, and the women were eager to assist and make the comforters that were so badly needed after the storm.”

ExxonMobil Exploration began operating in Argentina’s unconventional Vaca Muerta shale oil and gas play in Neuquén in 2010.