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Women's Farmer Club

Women play a vital role in farming and the food trade in Angola.

In 2012, Esso Angola representatives participated in the official launch of the Women’s Farmer Club, an agricultural project aimed at helping women farmers in Angola’s Kwanza Sul Province. Through its Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative (WEOI), ExxonMobil donated $376,000 to an Angolan non-governmental organization, Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP). ADPP has extensive experience training and educating women, and will use the grant to implement the first year of a three-year program. At the end of the program, ADPP expects to have organized 1,440 female subsistence farmers into a network of 24 farmers’ clubs in three municipalities. Additionally, ADPP plans to train and equip these women with basic business skills, microcredit loan opportunities and leadership skills.