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Helping orphans gain technical education

Esso Angola scholarships help orphans advance to oil industry careers.

A first-year program enables orphans to take exams in hopes of gaining entry to the country's National Petroleum Institute (INP).

Esso Angola is continuing its tradition of supporting the development and employment of Angolan citizens. The affiliate offered, by providing training and covering the costs, 19 residents of four orphanages the opportunity to take access exams to the country’s INP.

Participants in the inaugural Orphans Scholarship Project were among more than 800 students to take the exam in January. Candidates needed to complete the ninth grade and be less than 17 years old in order to be eligible. They began advanced training for the test earlier in the year by participating in classes at the Albert Einstein Institute.

Photo — Participants in the Orphans Scholarship Project sponsored by Esso Angola.

Our goal is to provide these underprivileged youth with a way to access a prestigious local institution linked to the oil industry and possibly advance to a rewarding professional career. Angola has vast mineral and petroleum reserves, and people joining our industry here can greatly improve living standards for themselves and their families.

John Sandlin, Esso Angola general manager

More than half of the orphans were accepted for enrollment at INP. Each will be awarded a one-year scholarship from Esso Angola, valued at about $4,000.

The INP program lasts for three years, and students graduate with the equivalent of a high-school diploma as well as the technical background required to apply to Esso Angola’s technician training program at INP. Successful completion of that training will allow them to work, if selected, on the Esso Angola-operated offshore Block 15.

Angolans represent nearly 80 percent of Esso Angola employees working in Block 15.