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Pilot at the Point Thomson project

Hear about how our engineers and scientists used UAS to evaluate tundra vegetation and water bodies near our Point Thomson project in Alaska.

2013 CCR Oil Sands Operations at Kearl video

Oil Sands Operations at Kearl

Kearl is the next generation of oil sands operations. Learn more about ExxonMobil’s top-of-the-line technology at Kearl, which keeps the environmental footprint as small as possible, while creating jobs and providing energy to Canada, the United States and beyond.

Video: Unconventional Resources Development

Unconventional resources development

Natural gas is an abundant, reliable and versatile fuel source that omits up to 60 percent less CO2 than coal when used for power generation. Learn more about the process of unlocking natural gas found in shale and other tight rock formations.

Western Gray Whale - Sakhalin Island, Russia

Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Our approach to managing biodiversity and ecosystem services recognizes factors such as the rarity of individual species, their roles in different ecosystems and habitats, their vulnerabilities and their cultural significance.

World splash in water

Water management

We work to prevent adverse impacts to water resources from our withdrawals and discharges and prudently manage the water we do use.

Kearl wetlands reclamation area

Environmental management

ExxonMobil’s Corporate Environment Policy and Protect Tomorrow. Today. expectations serve as the foundation of our efforts, which are guided by a scientific understanding of the environmental impact of our operations as well as the social and economic needs of the communities in which we operate.

Spill performance

We implement preventive measures to avoid spills and continually seek to improve our risk management, operations integrity and containment capabilities.

Workers at cleaner fuels project in Saudi Arabia

Air emissions

We seek opportunities to reduce the air emissions associated with our operations and the products we deliver to increase shareholder value and meet regulatory requirements.