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ExxonMobil is faced with the complex challenge of providing the energy needed to support economic growth and improved standards of living while balancing impacts on society and the environment. ExxonMobil views corporate citizenship as a key component of sustainable development. By designing our approach to corporate citizenship around six key areas, we contribute to society’s broader sustainability objectives and manage the impact of our operations on local economies, societies, climate and the environment. These six areas of corporate citizenship — which include safety, health and the workplace; managing climate change risks; environmental performance; community and social impact; local development and supply chain management; and corporate governance — are discussed in detail throughout this report.

We are committed to aligning our long-term business objectives with these areas of corporate citizenship. As a global provider of energy, our primary objective is to responsibly meet the world’s energy needs while increasing shareholder value. To help evaluate the success of our corporate citizenship initiatives and cultivate strong investor relations, we employ eight strategies that help guide and measure our commitment to good corporate citizenship and address society’s diverse sustainability objectives. These strategies include:

  • Integration
  • Investment and cost discipline
  • Operational excellence
  • Portfolio management
  • Project execution
  • Risk management
  • Technology leadership
  • World-class workforce

Powering the world’s progress depends on developing and retaining a world-class workforce. By pairing technical expertise and industry-leading research capabilities, ExxonMobil is able to identify and develop the high-quality oil and gas resources needed to help sustain economic development. We are also committed to developing innovative products and services that deliver superior performance for consumers and long-term value for shareholders.

We make strategic decisions on issues that directly affect the sustainability of our business. Our diligent investment and cost discipline approach allows us to execute deals with attractive valuations in a competitive industry environment. We work to deliver complex, integrated projects on time and on budget. Our goal is to maintain a diverse and balanced portfolio of high-quality resources, projects and assets across our businesses.

In every aspect of our business, we work to sustain safety, reliability and environmental stewardship of our operations through an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. We apply a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and managing risks across our operations and relentlessly work to be the partner, neighbor, employer and supplier of choice around the world. Learn more about how our Operations Integrity Management System guides risk management throughout our operations.