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Incorporating stakeholder feedback

Each year, we hold face-to-face and telephone dialogues with a variety of our stakeholders — including representatives from NGOs, academia, investors, industry experts and employees — about our Corporate Citizenship Report.

We have identified several recurring comments from stakeholders on our 2014 report and describe where we have incorporated changes within this year’s report.

Discuss the technology and science ExxonMobil uses in greater detail.

We have dedicated a case study and several Up Close examples to provide more information about the leading-edge technology our employees are using each day.

Describe the linkage between sustainability and ExxonMobil’s key business objectives.

We have expanded our discussion on our business and how ExxonMobil contributes to progress by providing the energy the world needs. We also have featured our OIMS framework, which establishes common worldwide expectations for addressing the safety, security, health and environmental risks inherent in our business.

Incorporate more third-party perspectives.

We have incorporated quotes from eight ExxonMobil academic partners and NGOs in this report to show our continual approach to collaborating with our stakeholders. We have also incorporated our External Citizenship Advisory Panel’s statement on our citizenship activities directly in this year’s report.

Provide more context for performance data.

We have incorporated explanatory text with every chart throughout the report. Additionally, our performance data table has an expanded description of the scope of coverage in our company-wide data.