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Members of the External Citizenship Advisory Panel

ExxonMobil has engaged an External Citizenship Advisory Panel (ECAP) since 2009 to provide an annual, independent review of the company’s corporate citizenship activities, including this report.

ECAP members are experts in social and environmental topics and are leading academics, non-governmental organization (NGO) representatives and former government employees. Each year, the ECAP reviews a draft of this report and provides feedback, which we evaluate and incorporate into the report as appropriate.

  • Mark Cohen
    Mark Cohen

    Professor of Management and Law

    Vanderbilt University Owen

    Graduate School of Management

  • Frank Loy
    Frank Loy

    Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs

    U.S. Department of State

  • Jane Nelson
    Jane Nelson

    Director of Corporate Responsibility Initiative

    Harvard University Kennedy School of Government

  • Salil Tripahi
    Salil Tripathi

    Senior adviser, global issues

    Institute for Human Rights and Business

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